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We ship within the United States and internationally to certain countries.

For help with a USPS order please visit: here 

For help with a UPS order please visit: here

Free shipping is provided only within (domestic orders) the United States on orders under 25 lbs. Any order placed either on the website or custom orders over 25 lbs is subject to a shipping quote and shipping will be paid by customer before shipment is sent. A separate invoice will sent for payment before customer receives order.

All (non custom) orders will be processed within two business days. Please allow the full two business days for processing before the order is shipped.  

Processing and fulfillment times on custom orders will vary depending on size of order and what particulars items in custom order. Please allow the full two business days for processing before the order is shipped.  

Once orders are shipped a tracking number will be provided. Average delivery time once an order is shipped is five to seven business days.  

If you do not receive a tracking number, please check your spam folder before contacting us for assistance.  

You will receive your order in industry-standard packaging. Products will be contained within commercial grade vacuum sealed bags and all exterior packaging will be void of branding or product information. Your order will arrive in a nondescript, generic box or envelope and will include a standard “Notice to Law Enforcement” as well as a copy of the product’s test results.  

CBD Extract Direct LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen or seized packages by any entities, this includes any government entity of any country.

For further inquiries or assistance with shipping, please contact us here.